Shadows Over Innistrad

1920s and back home again

Waking up wrapped in a white coat and unable to move, Lash can feel herself going into a mild panic attack.  Something about this is wrong… being restricted is not normal… Looking around the white room, she can't get over how sterile and void of life the room is… unfamiliar.  Two large men enter the room calling her "Elizabeth" and pointly asking her if the teddy bear talked in the middle of the night.  Lash hadn't noticed the black bear when she first woke up.  Now a wave of sadness over the stillness of the bear renders her mute and staring at the men as they come to move her off of the bed.  a comment about me too short for a 13 years old and not developed enough makes her want to sscratch at the man's face but she still can't move her arms.  they escort her down a hallway and a stairway to a large recreation room.  More white walls, tables and chairs fill the room.  even bookshelves with some books and simple puzzles.  the lack of color and life grate on her nerves, the need to be outside is almost overwelming.  Moving closer to the windows, she watches as the guards bring in an older looking short man who is arguing and fighting with the guards about being here.  there is something about the old man but she can't figure it out.  over time, the guards bring in 3 tall men and 2 females.  Lash watches out the dark window knowing she really belongs out in the storm.  her eyes follow the movement of a house cat under some trees and she has the desire to minic the cat movements.  One of the guards pulls her away from the window and remove the restaining jacket, pushing her towards a table with a puzzle on it.  One of the new visitors approaches her.  something is familiar… like the impression she got looking at the older man.  He is now having a total screaming fit as the guards remove him back to his room.  She comes and sit with me at the table.  I pick a point on the wall just above her shoulder to stare at as she tries to figure out why I look familiar to her too.  She picks me and we dance around the table for a few minutes.  the return of th guard sho escorted the old man out returns and she puts me down… "Watch this!"  she whispers in my ear.  I watch her charge at the guards.  they pull out sticks that shock her but she keeps fighting him… One of the younger guys, wearing a cowboy hat picks up a chair and swings.  I think he meant to hit the guards but missed…. the guards remove her unconscious body and 2 more guards come in.  Cowboy was in the process of picking up another chair but sat down on it and proclaimed he should get paid for doing their job for them.  The tall one who speaks with an accents dances in circles every time the guards look his direction but he stops and stares at them when they turn away.  The other female in the room moves closer to him and they are trying to have a conversation when the annoyed guards escort the cowboy out of the room to talk to the doctor.  the third man sits quietly at the table and stares around the room.  These companions are familiar to her but she can't figure where she would know them from.  The guards come back and take the third man with the cowboy following them.   few minutes later they also come to escort the lady away.  Lash is left alone with the Russian but they don't really interact.  Both watching the door and the guards.  A loud thud noise in the hallway pulls Lash and the Russian… Viktor to the hallway.  Although the 2 guards are standing in the hallway and Marcus…. and …. Addison are laying on the floor, Lash can see that they had switched places and truly the guards are out cold.  She follows Marcus and Addison back to the room Marcus was not happy to be at.  Viktor is walking besides her too when they enter another room to see Sarah… no, Seraphim hit the doctor in the back of his head with one of the shocking sticks.  she changes into the doctor's clothes and Viktor dresses as one of the unconscious guards in the room.  As small as Lash is, she knows that she needs to stay looking like a patient for now.    With the help of a nurse they found in the laundry room being involved with another guard, they are able to get more information leading to the secret lab in the basement.  On the way to the basement they pass more guards.  Viktor, Marcus and Addison manage to shock the guards but Seraphim hit the nurse by accident.   Once they locate the basement, Seraphim gives the nurse some form of medicine to put her to sleep and heal.  thirteen locks,,, thirteen floors, thirteen rooms… what is with the number thirteen in this place????  Lash stays by the lab door while the others find and rescue the rest of their companions…. sometimes being a gnome is a severe disadvantage… but not all the time.   it takes a few minutes to figure out the thirteen locks but having to use all thirteen sets of keys they can finally get into the lab.  a weird machine is in the middle of the room pointing to the wall with a scene of a church.  Potter is excited to see the machine but we can't get it to work at first… finding the crystals in a drawer, he works to figure out the right combination while we look around the room.  I just want to get home and away from this sterile white environment.  A shout from Potter and we watch as he jumps through the church scene.  We don't see him emerge on the other side but we don't have time to figure it out.  Addison surprises Lash by picking her up and tossing her at the scene only seconds after Potter.  Landing on Potter she can barely catch her breath before Viktor lands on top of them too.  He picks both of them up and shoves them to one side to make room for the others to come thru.   Marcus and Seraphim push Bob and Varadiel thru with them but the portal seems to be closing behind.  Addison and Fleer barely make it thru.  Addison has the quick thought to shoot his arrow at the machine and pull it thru the portal so it is with us now.   It's cold and damp but we are home in our own world… Lash seeks out the horses and Bear Bear Bear to make sure they are ok.  She hugs Bear Bear Bear to make sure he is warm and alive.  The thought of annoyance for being woken up just makes her smile and she feeds him some treats from her bag.  it's good to be back



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