Currency on Caen

There is no universal currency on the world of Caen, Precious metals are still precious metals but each kingdom tends to mint their own coins, gems are another form of currency accepted everywhere but each kingdom has their own exchange rate, and of course each merchant will determine how much a gem is worth in regards to goods or services purchased.

On the kingdoms of Valmere and Dornwald the gold crown is the most prominent accepted form of currency. A properly minted Crown is roughly 1 inch diameter and about 1/16 inch thick, with the insignia of its home kingdom imprinted on the coin, and the current ruler on the back.

The kingdom of Akeron mints its own currency, it’s a unique coin, a gold ring with a silver center piece, the silver center piece is designed to come out of the coin and be broken into four separate pieces for ease of spending. The entire coin is roughly 1 inch in diameter, with the silver center being ½ inch diameter.

On Cimmeron there are several different forms of currency, in the jungles they use the koku a small gold coin roughly ½ inch in diameter. The Skorne Empire uses the gold vinter, a gold coin roughly 1 inch in diameter bearing the face of their eternal emperor. The desert nomads tend to trade in goods rather than minting their own currency, out in the wastes precious metals are hard to come by so gold and platinum are extremely rare, metal coins that do exist are in the form of tin, copper and the occasional silver piece, and are rough and not completely round, most often they trade in furs, bones, food supplies, weapons, skins, livestock, Pottery and services. The Yuan-ti use a ½ inch diameter gold coin known as the serpents scale it bears the symbol of a snakes head on it. The Industrial city uses gold fingers which are roughly 1 inch long tentacle shaped chunks of gold. Slavery is a common trade on Cimmeron.

Markovia uses pieces of eight, Solid silver coins each minted with the official seal on each side of it, as its standard currency; each Tordoran merchant house has its own official seal. Gold coins are used but they are not as common and are usually stolen from merchant vessels captured or raided in the void, and are almost always reminted so they can’t be traced back to their kingdom of origin. Slavery is a common trade in the Markovian isles.

On Nordheim the barter system is very common, people and villages trade amongst each other in the form of services or supplies that are needed; furs, meats, weapons, drink, livestock, lumber, ore, all are common forms of trade goods. The humans of Nordheim have little use for a currency system but have been known to accept coins and gems from outsiders; they do occasionally trade with the dwarves of Ironforge who do have a currency system of their own, they mint gold and silver coins, the gold coins are known as kroms and bear the symbol of the god on them, the silver coins are called rhuls and bear the symbol of a hammer on them.

Dracview uses something similar to the barter system, but both the gobber cartels and the orc empire use minted currency of their own; roughly same size, shape and design to the gold crown, only the markings have been altered slightly, the orc gold piece bears the symbol of the horde on them, while the gobber gold coin is minted to resemble a gear.

Malistrife also mints their own coins called crowns, they have the symbol of Anubis on one side and the imperial coat of arms on the other side

Slavery is legal on several of the countries found throughout Caen, Akeron, Malistrife, Nordheim, Cimmeron and Nightport all practice Slavery, the typical word for a slave is Kajira, the term Bondsman/Bond maiden is often times used instead of Kajira in Nordheim.

Exchange rate is another large factor in the worth of the various currencies around the world.

Gold crown = 1gp
Akeronian coin = 1gp 1sp
Koku = 1/2gp
Vinter = 2gp
Serpent scale = 1/2gp
Gold finger = 3gp
Krom = 1gp
Rhul = 1sp
Piece of eight = 1pp
Gobber gear = 1gp
Horde coin = 1gp
Blood Rubies (Accepted everywhere)= 2gp


Currency on Caen

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