Innistrad, land of eternal night, a small kingdom nestled snugly in the mountains of Nordheim, a land of constant winter. Here in Innistrad the people thrive, farmers mostly, raise livestock, a few hearty vegetables and fruits that can grow in the climate.

Unfortunately all is not peaceful and pleasant in Innistrad. There are creatures in the night; werewolves stalk the winter forests, undead plague the outskirts of the city and occasionally make encroachments inside the walls.  Vampires rule the night and witches with their evil magicks have the townsfolk afraid to go too deep into the forests during what passes for day in these parts.

It is these horrors and more that the people of Innistrad seek shelter from, seek saving, seek heroes who can and will help. Riders were sent far and wide to all the major countries seeking those versed in supernatural knowledge or skilled warriors who know how to fight such evils, they even seek help from Nordheim and from within Innistrad itself.

Shadows Over Innistrad

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