Shadows Over Innistrad

Symphony of the night

The night wind howls through the country side, evil shadows encroach upon walled cities threatening the good people within. Werewolves roam more freely leaving the safety of the woods, the rains have weakened and even seemed to have stopped nearly completely.

A cry for help shatters the still night air, a desperate plea, a woman proclaiming innocence. Torches line the city streets and walls, guards double their patrols. 

A foul odor clings to the dead, though they don't stay dead for long. Ghouls, zombies and undead of all manner wander in the open along the roads, something that once had kept them at bay seems to be no longer present. Shadows, ever present, the shadows of a long night threaten to smother the land. 

The howls of wolves, the call of ravens, the moan of the wind through the trees, music playing, dancing orchestral patterns creep along in a dark symphony of the night.



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